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The Heart Supply - Bam Halloween Drop

Bam continues his collaboration with Johnny Schillereff's "The Heart Supply" board company with a limited edition Halloween release of new decks and apparel.

From The Heart Supply:

"Bam is more than a name, he stands for a defining movement in youth culture. In a time before influencers, Youtube and Instagram, Bam Margera’s skateboarding, creativity, and hilarious circle of friends and family blazed new trails and redefined skateboarding and entertainment…. And most importantly, blanketed the earth with belly laughs - when we needed it most."

Shop the collection on 10/28 here.

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We're lifelong Bam fans, nostalgic about the early 2000's and missing simpler times. This site is dedicated to everyone still scribbling heartagrams in notebooks and watching re-runs of Viva La Bam.

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